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Andon Remote Control

Andon Remote Control

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Wireless Andon Remote Control

The RC-M Andon Remote Control is designed to work with all of Stack-Light's Wireless products. This controller has a range of 100-125 feet which can be extended by adding an RC-R  signal repeater or other wireless Andon Lights. These Controllers come with 1-5 buttons and matching LEDs. The controller LEDs will be synchronized with the Andon Lights that are being controlled. This makes it easy for the operator of the transmitter to know the status of the Wireless Stack Light that is being controlled. 

Stack-Light .com's remotely controlled tower lights are the ideal choice for applications where lights need to be controlled remotely. These remotely controlled stack lights can be configured to fit your application. They come with one to five lights. They have built-in buzzers that can be activated or not. The lights can be programmed to flash or stay a solid color.

The wireless Andon lights can be configured as a system to include multiple lights and controllers.  This system uses a mesh network. The Mesh network extends the range of the lights and makes them more robust. 

Wireless Andon Transmitter with Mesh Network

Each wireless stack light or Wireless transmitter adds to the range of the system. The devices find the best way to pass signals over the network. If one device was to go down the other devices would find a new path and continue to work.  Stack-Lights Wireless Network uses its own network and does not require your facility's Wi-Fi. This makes the system easy to implement and avoids security concerns. 

We are standing by to help with the design of your Wireless Andon System.  We will work with you to design the perfect system for your project. With a plan in place, we will program your units before they leave our facility to work right out of the box.  This simplifies installation and makes our lights plug and play. You can always change your system in the future and we will assist with that as well. 

The RCSL60C remote-controlled Andon light can be ordered as a combo unit. The control buttons can be built in. This unit is both a Wireless Sack Light and a Transmitter. 

Wireless Andon System with 5 lights

The RC-B controller is a battery-powered remote control. These units are for unique applications where an outlet is not available. They do not have LEDs that indicate the status of the lights that they control and can not act as repeaters. This is to conserve battery power. Each controller can operate multiple wireless tower lights and the lights on other controllers. All of the lights on both the controllers and Tower lights are synchronized. If an operator changes the status light to Green in one location then all the other lights in the system will turn green.

Traffic Light Remote Control

There can be more than one lighting system in each facility. These wireless Andon systems contain millions of unique RF codes. This enables you to have many systems working independently throughout your facility. 

The RC-IO Wireless IO Device can be triggered with a PLC or switches. This unit is often used with a PLC system to turn Wireless Andon lights on and off. It can also be used to control the lights with the outputs from a machine or piece of automation. 

Wireless PLC transmitter

Most wireless stack lights are ordered together as a system. We will work with you over the phone to determine how you want your system to function. Then we will program your units to work together at our factory. This will make your Wireless Andon System easy to install. Of course, we will always be standing by to help in the future if you decide to make changes. is committed to bringing new products to market that solve industry problems. Our wireless Stack Light Stations are another step in our commitment to innovate. 


Remote Controlled Andon System Documents

Networked Andon Documentation

Let us help you with your Wireless Andon System. We will be glad to assist in the selection of components for your project. We can build a custom system just for you. Call Now.

custom wireless andon systems with remote controls

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