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Warning Light

Warning Light

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Washdown - Warning Light with Audible Alarm

 Red warning light with audible alarm

The WL-120 Warning light can be ordered in Red or Blue. They have an audible alarm built in. These Strobe Lights are IP65-rated and are designed for washdown applications. The light appears to rotate to make it highly visible and draw attention. 

The light can operate in three different modes and the modes can be set with dip switches located inside of the light. 

Warning Light with Alarm

The lights are mounted with thee screws located on the bottom of the warning light. 

Blue Strobe Light with Alarm 

The WL-120 Strobe Lights are designed to be robust and can be used in many applications. Typical applications are Construction Equipment Lights, Security Equipment Ligts, and Safety Alarm Lights. 

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