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USB Status Light

USB Status Light

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USB Machine Status Light 

The OSUSB lights are perfect for any application that requires a status light with USB controls. These lights can turn seven different colors to indicate a variety of different events. The lights are 60mm (2.4") in diameter and can be viewed from 360 degrees. This makes them highly visible from long distances.

Multicolor USB Light

The OSUSB Status Light plugs into your Windows-based computer, drawing power from the 5V USB port—no extra power is needed. Your computer controls the color of the lights by sending serial commands. 

There are many uses for these Status lights. Typical applications are on Business machines like copiers or cash registers or as Industrial Machinery status lights. They are also used in office environments.

 Desk top Status Light

 USB Status Light for Business Machine



Lean Manufacturing Status Light USB

 USB Status Light  Dimensions and Programming Instructions


Specification Sheet

Sample USB Program

Programming Instructions for USB Sack Light

Windows Drivers

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