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LED Tower Light

LED Tower Light

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Red Light Flahes


Metal Andon - 5-color

The SLM5 Stack light is ideal for use on industrial machinery. It is housed in an anodized aluminum body to make it both robust and attractive. The SLM5 uses high-intensity LEDs that are long-lasting and energy-efficient. The light is powered by 24V DC.

The LEDs are stacked like a traditional stack light from top to bottom Red, Amber, Green, Blue, and White. More than one color can be turned on at a time if desired. Each Andon Light comes equipped with a buzzer that can be wired in separately or with the red light. 


5 level stack light


The base on the light is designed so that the light can be easily mounted to a horizontal or vertical surface.  


90 degree bracket for Andon Lights


Full Power - 6W

Input Current 50mA / each light, 35mA buzzer

Voltage - 24V DC

Wiring -  PNP or NPN

Color - Red, Amber, Green, Blue, White

Diameter - 50mm

Working Temp - -20-45C

Estimated Lifespan - 50,000 hours

IP Rating - IP50

six sigma status Light drawing

Specs and Wiring SLM5 Andon carries a large inventory of signal lights, work lights, and Andon Stations. We can also handle special orders or custom lights built specifically for your application. We are standing by to help. Call now!


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