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Square Flood Light

Square Flood Light

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Square Spot Lights - Offroad Equipment

The FLSQ Flood Lights are made to be used on heavy-duty industrial equipment. They are waterproof and robust.  Typical applications are Jeeps, Off-road vehicles, Tractors, Cranes, or any application that needs a bright light that can withstand the elements. 

Durable Flood Lights

These can be powered by 12-24V DC. They are easy to mount and can be adjusted to provide light where you need it. They use the latest LED technology that makes them, efficient, long-lasting, and super bright. 

These LED Flood Lights come in four sizes.  We also offer a round version. The FLR lights have the same durability and are super bright lights just like the square FLSQ models. 

Super Bright Tractor Spot Lights



FLSQ-24 = 2880 lm

FLSQ-27 = 3240 lm

FLSQ-48 = 5760 lm

FLSQ-64 = 7680 lm



FLSQ-24 =  2.95“W x 2.95”L (75 mm x 75 mm)

FLSQ-27 =  3.9“W x 3.9”L     (100 mm x 100 mm)

FLSQ-48 =  3.26“W x 3.26”L (83 mm x 83 mm)

FLSQ-64 =  4.4“W x 4.4”L     (112 mm x 112 mm)


FLSQ-24 = 24W

FLSQ-27 = 27W

FLSQ-48 = 48W

FLSQ-64 = 64W

Operating Voltage 12V-24V DC

Light Color Temp 6,000K-6,500 K

Operating Temp - -40C- +85 C

Beam Angle 60 degrees


Expected Life 50,000 Hours

Specifications for FLSQ flood Lights FLSQ Flood Light Specifications provides a wide assortment of lighting to the industry. From Andon Light, Strobe Light, and Off Road Lighting, We have you covered. If you do not find what you need on the website give us a call. We love to help.

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