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Small Status Lights

Mini Tower Lights carries a large selection of Tower Lights and Status lights. While most applications call for a traditional stack light with multi-levels. There are applications that require a smaller solution. We have several options that are ideal for projects that need a small signal light device. 

Small Andon Lights

 The SL30 Tower lights look and function like a traditional stack light, but they are a fraction of the size. These models measure just 6" in length and 1" in diameter. 

Small Tower Light turned off

These lights have three independent levels. The top turns red, the middle level turns yellow and the bottom level turns green. A buzzer is included with the status light. The buzzer can be wired in or not used. 

ILTC Small Andon Status Light

The ILTC series of status lights are spherical shaped and come in two sizes. These lights are capable of turning Red, Yellow or Green. 

The ILTC Lights can be ordered as 30mm or 50mm. Each light includes a connection cord and mounting bracket. These work well for applications where you need a small low profile indicator or status light. The round shape makes them highly visible from different directions and more durable.

Control Panel Lights

For even smaller status lights, we carry a large variety of indicator lamps and pilot lights. These smaller lights are ideal for use on control panels and automated machinery. 

Indicator Light Buzzer with LED Panel Mount - IL-BZ

These LED indicator lights can be ordered in a variety of sizes and shapes. Buzzers are available as well. is committed to carrying all of the lighting products that you would need for your industrial projects. We are standing by ready to help. Call Now!


small status and andon lights





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