Multicolor LED Signal Light - RED/Green/Amber

Posted by Michael Pate on

24V multicolor Andon is proud to introduce the ILTC series of Multicolor signal lights These signal lights can switch between amber,  red and green. They are ideal for use on control panels and as small Andon lights. The LED's color changing feature makes indicator lights perfect for applications that have limited space. These indicator lights are IP67 rated and can be used in wet environments.

small multicolored visual indicators

The ILTC signal lights come in two sizes. 50mm and 30mm versions are stocked and ready to ship. To make installation easier, the light comes as a kit. The kit includes an adjustable bracket and nut for securing the indicator light in place. The multicolor light kit also includes the M12 cable for wiring.

To learn more about these lights contact us at through email or phone. We are standing by ready to help you with your project.

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