5S Made Simple

5S Made Simple

5S System at Stack Light


 5S is so named because the concept follows 5 rules that all start with the Letter "S". The system was developed in Japan by Toyota to eliminate waste and inefficiencies. The 5S system is often used in organizations that have employed Lean Methodology. However, the principles of 5S can be used in our everyday lives.

Sort - Evaluate the items presently in a location and remove all of them that are unnecessary.

Set in Order - Organize all items so that they are located in a spot that is convenient and efficient for use. Mark the location for each item so that once it is used, it can be returned to its designated spot.

Shine - Keep the work area clean.

Standardize - Develop a process and schedule to ensure that the 5S system stays in practice

Sustain - Build a culture where the 5S system is followed. “Do without being Told”

The 5S system has been instrumental in improving productivity and making workplaces better for employees.

We at Stack-light.com are proud to play a part in promoting the 5S principles and Lean manufacturing by providing Andon software and Stack Lights to industry. We are happy to help with your project. Give us a call.

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