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Indicator Lamp LED - FL

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LED Indicator Lamp


Indicator Lamps LED

The FL series of Indicator lights are ideal for use on industrial equipment or control panels. They use a long-lasting LED light that is bright and energy-efficient. The light is raised from the surface is easily viewable from 360 degrees. 

The top of the light is 9.6mm in diameter. The light fits in a 10mm hole and is secured with a 10mm nut that is included with the light. These lights come in five colors. Red, Yellow, Green, White, and Blue. 

They are powered by 24V DC. Other voltages are available as a special order.

Expected Life - 80,000 Hours

Light Source - LED

Certification - CE

IP Rating - IP65

Mounting Type - panel mount 10mm hole

Housing Material - Plastic is here to help with the selection of the perfect light for your application. Call now. 



LED indicator light




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