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Wireless IO

Wireless IO

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Wireless Inputs and Outputs

Remote I/O Device

The RC-IO remote I/O device controls Stack-Lights wireless Andons. You can use it with a PLC, switches, or existing machinery.

  • 6 Outputs
  • 6 Inputs
  • Easy to Use

These remote inputs and outputs can control Stack Light's wireless products. You can also use them with your own switches and other industrial automation equipment.

Wireless Inputs  and Outputs

You can wire the inputs on the remote IO to dry contacts, switches, photo sensors, or a PLC. The outputs can activate lights, motors, actuators, and other electrical devices. The outputs are rated for 400mA/ 60V DC and 42VAC RMS. Devices that pull more current require a relay.

These wireless io devices come with 2 M-long M12 cord sets. You can power them with your 24V power source or you can order them with a 110V plug that fits a standard outlet. uses a Mesh system. This means that the messaging can be passed between devices to extend the range and make the network more robust.

The range is 100-125 feet. The range can be affected by walls and other obstacles. The range is 100-125 feet. Walls and obstacles can inhibit the wireless signal. You can transmit longer distances by adding repeaters or other wireless modules.

Wireless Andon Mesh

The Mesh Network's wireless communication works independently of your facility's Wi-fi. This makes the system secure and alleviates concerns from IT departments.

Remote IO Schematic

Remote Controlled Stack Lights is committed to innovation. The RC-IO can be a cost-effective solution to many industrial control problems. For help or questions about our wireless system, give us a call. We love to help.


Wireless Andon Systems


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