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Traffic Lights with Controls

Traffic Lights with Controls

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3 Color Traffic Signal Lights with Switches

The TL100-3-R traffic Light is plug-and-play. It comes prewired and ready to go right out of the box. 

traffic signal light with switches

This is a simple way to make your factory or warehouse safer. This signal light can protect pedestrians from being struck by forklift or golf cart traffic. These can also be used for guard shack signal lights. These are just a few of the uses for these traffic lights. 


Traffic Light Control Box


These lights can be ordered with rotary or standard push-button switches. They can also be ordered with push buttons that light up. This feature works great for applications where the control is located out of sight of the light. It lets the controls act as a 2nd smaller traffic light.

Typical Applications:

Guard Shack Red Light

Fork Lift Crosswalk Signal Light

Pedestrian Walkway Signal Light

The LED housings can be rotated 90 degrees so the lights can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Horizontal red light


They come with adjustable brackets that make it easy to point the light to its desired target location. 

Red Light with adjustable brackets


These can be ordered in one, two or three light versions. They are all assembled here in the USA making it easy to customize the lights and assuring you get superior customer service. 

Trafic Light specifications

Click to Download the Traffic Signal Light Drawing carries a large variety of industrial signal devices and machine lighting.  We are here to assist with your project. Call us now! We love to help.

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