Custom Traffic Lights

Custom Traffic Lights

Custom Wireless Traffic Lights and Wireless I/O – Example

When James Hudspith at Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls Inc.  reached out to us, he had a unique problem. He wanted a way to operate two traffic lights with a single push button remote control. One light would signal for trucks to pull onto a scale and the second traffic light would tell them to exit the scales. An operator would control the lights from inside of their office. The operator needed a way to see the status of the traffic lights which were out of the line of site. 

Scales Wireless Traffic Signal Lights’s standard lights didn’t quite fit the bill. That didn’t deter James. He was determined. He called and explained his application. We worked together to come up with a custom solution. 

With Stack-Lights help, James converted a RC-R wireless repeater into a wireless I/O device. He tied the repeater outputs into relays that powered two 110V traffic lights. 

Wireless IO Device


He then installed a standard RC-M Wireless remote in the scale house. This let the operator control the traffic lights remotely saving a lot of wiring and conduit.

The LED’s on the remote are synchronized with the lights. This lets the operator see the status of the lights without looking out of the scale house window.

Traffic Lights for Truck Scales 

This unique solution saved a lot of time and money. James was able to have his whole system up and running within a day. It brings us great pleaser to work with innovative and motivated people like James.

 Our motto is “We Love to Help”.  Call and let us help with your unique project.

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