Demings 14 principles

Deming's 14 Principles

Edward Demings 14 Principles

Edwards Deming 

Dr. W. Edwards Deming taught us by adopting certain management principles organizations can increase quality, reduce costs and improve employee morale He said to think of manufacturing as a system not in bits and pieces. He came up with 14 Points, presented in Out of the Crisis, which is a manager’s guide on how to continually improve. Deming’s points provide a path to create a more efficient workplace.

 Deming’s 14 points:

  1. Create and communicate to all employees a statement of the aims and purposes of the company.
  2. Adapt to the new philosophy of the day; industries and economics are always changing.
  3. Build quality into a product throughout production.
  4. End the practice of awarding business on the basis of price tag alone; instead, develop long-term relationships based on established loyalty and trust.
  5. Work to constantly improve quality and productivity
  6. Institute of on-the-job training.
  7. Teach and institute leadership to improve all job functions.
  8. Drive out fear; create trust.
  9. Strive to reduce intradepartmental conflicts.
  10. Eliminate exhortations for the workforce; instead, focus on the system and morale. (a) Eliminate work standard quotas for production. Substitute leadership methods for improvement. (b) Eliminate MBO. Avoid numerical goals. Alternatively, learn the capabilities of processes, and how to improve them.
  11. Remove barriers that rob Hourly workers of pride of workmanship.
  12. Remove barriers that rob Management and Engineering of pride of workmanship.
  13. Educate with self-improvement programs.
  14. Include everyone in the company to accomplish the transformation.

 One of Deming’s greatest contributions to manufacturing was his idea the worker could stop the production line if they see a quality problem. This ground-breaking idea changed the course of manufacturing by placing immediate quality management into the hands of the front-line employee. 

Deming’s manufacturing principles have helped the world be more productive and build higher quality goods and services.

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