Custom Andon Systems

Custom Andon Solutions

Custom Andon Systems carries a large selection of Tower Lights and Andon stations. Most of our products can be easily configured on our website. This makes it possible for you to tailor a signal device to fit your application. In most instances, we have exactly what our customers are looking for. From time to time we have a request for a custom Andon solution We are always happy to help. 

Andon System Plug and Play

If you have a need for a custom Andon or Stack Light system, we welcome your call. We can make small changes to existing products like extending cable lengths or changing the order of the colors on a tower light. We can also design a custom Andon system that is perfect for your project. This can be anything from linking multiple stack lights together to operate with one switch to more advanced systems that involve wireless controls and PLC's. 

Our engineering team can design a system just for you. We will work with you from concept to completion. This includes providing concept drawings, workflow charts, and quotes. If you require a custom Andon system, give us a call and let us help.

custom stack lights and tower light stations


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