Andon systems with audible alarm

Andon Lights with Buzzer

Andon Signals with Built-in Buzzers carries a large selection of Andon lights, Stack-Lights, and LED Tower Lights. These lights are used in industry to signal workers of production and machinery status. In many applications, the lights are also used in conjunction with a buzzer. We include an audible alarm device with every Andon light and Andon Station that we sell.

SL60 Tower Lights with Buzzer included

Buzzer Andon Lights with extended pole

The alarm can be activated in most cases by hooking up the orange wire. Consult each models wiring diagram to determine which wire sounds the buzzer. The wire can be attached to any of the lights or even be wired to sound independent of the tower lights. For instance, the buzzer could be wired to sound with the red light or to buzz when the lights are yellow or red. This makes our Andon lights more flexible so they can work for your specific application. The SL60 lights can have up to five colors of lights. This lets you signal your employees to a variety of conditions. Typical Andon Light color meanings can be found here. Tower Light Color Codes

MC60 Tower Lights with Buzzer

buzzer built into tower lights

The MC60 is a modern and attractive tower light. Each unit is equipped with an 85dB buzzer and very bright LED lights.  

MC50 Tower Lights with audible alarm

Tower Lights with integrated buzzer

The MC50 is a cost-effective LED tower light that is perfectly suited for industrial machinery, and production environments. It includes a loud 85dB alarm.

SLM Tower Light with Buzzer

stack light with buzzer included

The SLM is a sleek, rugged Andon light. The bright LED lights are enclosed in an aluminum housing. This makes the SLM Andon unit both attractive and durable. These lights have a built-in audible alarm. carries a large selection of tower lights, stack lights, and Andon stations. We can also build a custom Signal device specifically for your project. Let us help with your Andon project. Call Now!!!

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