Andon Color Codes

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Andon Color Codes

Stack Lights have many applications. They can be used as a status light for industrial machinery or as indicator lights for factories. They are often used in Lean manufacturing environments and referred to as Andon Lights.

Stack lights can be ordered with as few as one colored light. A single colored light could be used as a status indicator light in many applications. A few examples would be to indicate that a shopping lane is open or that a machine is running. Additional colored lights can be added to form a tower light system where each color has a different meaning.  Since Stack-lights lights can be used in many different applications, there is no standard for what each color signifies. However, there are some general guidelines and typical color codes.

The colored tower lights can signify different conditions based on the environment that they are used in. The colors can be turned on or off with a PLC or with a manual switch.

Stack Light Color Code, Tower Light Color Code, Andon Color code

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  • Green - Machine or production environment is running well.
  • Yellow - Warning. The machine could be running but need maintenance. An operator could be running low on parts and need help soon.
  • Red - The machine is stopped or production is down. This is a call for help.
  • White - Often used at the end of a production run or shift change.
  • Blue - Often used to indicate that a quality problem has been detected.

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