Dave Lelonek

Custom - Andon Light

When Dave at Sticky RX Refinishing Solutions reached out to us, he was looking for a way his Paint Booth operator could signal the parts department to bring more parts. He needed a green light located outside of the paint booth that could be turned on and off with a switch inside the paint booth.


Custom Andon


Lighted Push Button Switch

This light would alert the parts department that more parts were needed. He also needed a way to for the pant booth operator to quickly see if the light outside of the booth was on or off.

We listened to Dave’s application and realized that with a minor modification he could use our SBSL60R Andon light. We would only need to switch the light from red to green and use a lighted push button switch in the paint booth. This solution worked great for Dave’s project and was a simple customization for us to make at no extra charge. Since we build all our Andon Stations here in the USA, customizations like this are easy for us.  And more importantly being local helps us exceed our customers expectations. 

Dave is committed to continuous improvement and the Kanban Method. He made a video showing how he used the custom light we built for his project. He has a collection of other videos that we can all learn from. We encourage you to check out his YouTube channel and get ideas that you can use on your projects.

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Custom LED Andon Station

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