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LED Indicator Light - 2 Color

LED Indicator Light - 2 Color

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2 Color LED Indicator Lamp

2 color Indicator Light 22mm


The ICPB Indicator lamp contains a Red and Green LED. This makes it possible to signal for two conditions with only one device. When the light is off the indicator is not lit and is white. These Lights are available in 110V AC and 24V DC models

This multicolored Indicator light is uniquely suited for control panel lighting applications where space is limited or you just want a less complicated signal panel. It also works great as a status light for machinery. 

These Red/Green indicators are easily mounted in a 22mm hole. They have built-in screw clamps at the rear of the indicator housing. This makes them easy to wire. We stock the 24V Lamps for quick delivery and 120V versions can be ordered by special request. 

The ICPB line of dual-color indicator lights is a cost-effective solution for many status light applications. If you find the need for a 3-color status light we offer the ILTC line. 

ILTC - 3 Color Status Light

These three 3-colored signal devices are capable of lighting up in three colors. They come in 30mm and 50mm versions and can turn Red, Green, or Yellow.  

red/green/yellow indicator lights for control panels


Typical multicolor Indicator applications

  • Small Equipment Status indicator
  • Control Panel Signal Light
  • Visual Indicator Lights
  • Automation Status Lights
  • Metal cutting equipment status indicator

2 color 24V status lights ICPB 2-color status indicator light is here to help with your industrial lighting needs. Call Now!

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