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LED Inspection Light

LED Inspection Light

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WorFlexible Arm Inspection Worklight

Flexible Arm Work Station Light

The M100 Light has a flexible arm to allow you to focus it precisely where the light is needed most. It is constructed with anodized aluminum and tempered glass. This makes it robust and corrosion-resistant. It uses a highly efficient LED for bright even light. These are IP65 so they can be used in a wash-down environment. Each Light comes with a standard 110V plug and is ready to use out of the box. 

These lights are ideal for CNC machinery, Lathe lights, Assembly station illumination, and precision repair work. They can be attached to a table or machine using 4 screws. 

This light can also be mounted to a vertical surface by using the ML-BR-1 Worklight mounting bracket.

Bracket for LED Workstation light



Cord Length: 9 feet

Power: 9.5W

Voltage 110V

Beam Angle 30 degrees

Luman Efficiency 85 lm/W

Lifespan - 50,000 hours

Working Temp  -20to 45 C

Humidity 10%-90%

 LED Work light specifications Work Light Specifications carries a large variety of work lights, Andon lights, and general lighting for the industry. We are standing by to help with your next lighting project. Give us a call and let us help.


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