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Keyed Electrical Switch

Keyed Electrical Switch

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Keyed Selector Switch 22mm

Keyed Switch

The AK2 Switch comes with two keys that are matched to the switch. The switch will not operate without a key. Each switch has a normally open and normally closed contact. These switches fit a standard 22 mm hole. 



Thermal Current Ith 10A 50/60HZ

Insulation Voltage Ui 600V

Enclosed Thermal Current Ith 10A

Short Circuit Current 1000A

AC- 120V 6A

AC- 240V 3A

AC-480V 1.5A

AC-600V 1.2A

DC-120V 2.2A

DC-240V 6A

DC-480V .4A

Ambient Temperature: -20 C to 60C

Contact Resistance 50m Ohm ( initial)

IP 65

Button Life - 1 Million operations

Contact Block Life - 1 Million operations supplies a large variety of switches and lights to the industry.  We are here to help with your application. 

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