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Kanban Card Light - KB-SL60

Kanban Card Light - KB-SL60

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Kanban Status Light

The Kanban Method can be a powerful tool to improve efficiency and limit WIP (work in progress). The word Kanban is Japanese and means"visual card". Colored cards are used to alert personnel that a task needs to be completed. 

Often the cards are dropped into transparent holders to make it easy to see the status of operations with a quick glance. 

The KB-SL60 Light is designed to improve on a card system. When a Kanban card is dropped into the card holder a through-beam sensor is triggered to turn on a red light. The light can be seen more easily than the card and the light can be moved so that the card is not blocked by machinery or shelving. 

The KB-SL60 comes with the tray, light, and sensors pre-assembled. This light is plug-and-play. 

The light is mounted on a 14" pole and has a bracket for easy installation. The power cord and cords between the tray and the light are 2M. 

Stack-Light is committed to introducing new and innovative products to the industry. These lights are made to improve your Lean and JIT process.  Custom lights can be built for your project. Give us a call we love to help.

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