Indicator Light Indicator Lights - Shielded LED
small red LED
3v red led light
red led indicator light
indicator lights red
22mm Red LED
amber LED indicator light
8mm yellow LED
yellow 24V LED
orange LED with wires
22mm yellow LED
green indicator LED
6mm Panel Mount LED
green LED control panel light
12V Green LED
3V Yellow LED
Indicator lamp LED
6V LED White
white 10mm LED
Round 12V panel mount LED
white Indicator light panel mount
Blue panel mount led
Control Panel LEDS
Blue LED 6V
Panel Mount LED Blue
Blue 12V LED

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Indicator Lights - Shielded LED

  • $8.00

Control Panel Light - Shielded LED

Indicator lights for control panels  

The IL-PL control panel LEDs indicators are available in many different diameters, voltages, and connection types. These Indicators are ideal for instrument control panels and industrial machines. This shielded version protects the LED from being hit and damaged. These LEDs employ the latest technology to make them long-lasting and efficient. 

This version is prewired with 5-inch wires. We also offer versions without the wires for applications where you need to supply your own wiring.  Nuts and Lockwashers are included with each light. also supplies these LED's without the shield and in a flat version.


Flat LED Indicator lights

The flush indicator lights use a flat LED. The flat head is attractive and durable.

Flat panel Mount indicator lights in many voltages


No shield Indicator LED lights

This is the most common type of LED used in the industry.  The LED protrudes from the housing making them easy to view from the side and at longer distances. Indicator lights for machinery

Data Sheet LED Indicator

Data Sheet LED Panel Mount Indicator Lights provides a large selection of control panel lights, stack-lights, and task lighting. Give us a call and let us help with your application.


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