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Flexible Neck Work Light

Flexible Neck Work Light

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Flexible LED Work Lights

The SP3S  Flexible bench lights come in several variations. Each light has a flexible neck that allows you to aim the spotlight precisely.

The SP3S-NM is a high-powered LED Flexible arm light designed to be installed on industrial equipment or workstations. This light attaches with  4 screws. It is designed for applications where the light will be installed and left in place.

Flexible Work Light - SP3S-NM

The light is normally mounted to a horizontal surface. But for some applications, it is better to mount to a vertical surface with the ML-BR-1 Machine Shop Mounting Bracket mounting bracket. These are sold separately. This bracket makes it easy to mount your light to the side of a milling machine or the wall of a workstation. 

Work Station Light Bracket

Bracket LED Workstation Light




Cord Length: 3 feet

Lumens 320LM

Beam Angle 40 Degrees

Power 4.5 Watts

Rating IP 65

Materials Aluminum, Tempered Glass

Estimated Life - 50,000 hours

Typical Lighting Applications

  • Repair station lighting
  • Auto repair lighting
  • Machine shop lighting
  • metal cutting lighting
  • Lab LED lighting
  • Inspection Lights
  • Milling machine Lighting
  • Chop Saw Lighting
  • Sewing machine lighting
  • Auto Repair lights
  • Assembly station lights

sps3-nm drawing for flexible neck lightSP3S-NM Machine task light drawing

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