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Buzzer with LED Panel Mount

  • $12.00

Audible Buzzer with LED 


The IL-BZ is a 24V panel-mounted audible and visual alarm. These panel mount buzzers have a built-in LED. They provide both a visual and audible signal to alert workers in the case that action needs to be taken. They are ideal for use on small machinery and control panels.

Panel Mount Buzzers with LED light.

The Buzzers mount in a standard 22.5 mm hole. A mounting nut is included with each buzzer unit. Wiring is made simple and easy. Just insert the wire into the screw terminal and tighten with a Phillips tip screwdriver. 

We also offer a similar style of push button without the buzzer. They are also ideal for control panels and small machinery. You can choose between a lighted push-button and a non-lighted push button with them as well. 

Typical Buzzer uses

  • Control Panels Audible alarm
  • Control Panel Visual Indicator
  • Machinery Buzzer
  • Automated equipment Buzzer
  • Robotic equipment alarm

Technical Specifications

  • Certification - CCC, CE
  • Lamp Body Material - Poly Carbonate
  • Available Light Colors - Red, Green, Yellow
  • Light Source - LED
  • Estimated Life - 30,000 hours
  • Rated Operating Current < 20mA
  • Lamp Power 1 Watt
  • Panel Mounting Hole 22mm

 Buzzer drawing with dimensions and technical specifications  Buzzer drawing IL-BZ is here to help. Call or email for help with selecting the perfect signal device for your project. 




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