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Andon Tower Light Station - SBSL60R

Andon Tower Light Station - SBSL60R

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Tower Light Station - With Remote

The SBSL60R tower light stations are ideal for applications where the stack lights and the controls need to be located a short distance from one another. There is a cable that links the stack lights and controls together. The cable comes standard at 6 feet long but can be ordered at a custom length to fit your project. 


This andon tower light stations have an optional feature. The switch types can be changed to any of three options. Either a rotary switch, a standard push button, or a lighted push button. The push buttons have a few advantages over normal rotary switches. The lighted buttons act as a second set of status lights and give the operator an additional location to view the status of the lights. This is especially useful when the control station and stack lights are located out of the line of sight from each other. 

Andon Control Box

These andon light systems can be ordered with one to five tower light levels. They can also be specified to have a buzzer or not. The built in audible alarm can be attached to any of the light colors upon request. These are turn-key systems. They come fully assembled. All you need to do is attach the light and controls to your desired location and plug the tower light into a standard 110V outlet. 

stack light station drawing

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Another type of Andon station that we offer is a multi-color light that can change to red, yellow, or green all in one housing. This is good for applications where space is limited but multiple color codes are still needed. It is also a more appealing visual option than the standard stack light andon stations in a retail setting. 

3 Colored Andon System

Wireless Andon Lights For applications where it is not practical to wire the controller to the And On lights, we offer the RC line of wireless lights. These lights use a mesh network to communicate through an RF signal. These systems are very versatile. Under most conditions, the reach between any two And On components is 100 feet. Adding additional components and a repeater can extend the range further. 

  • RCSL60 - Remote controlled andon lights can be ordered and customized to have from one to 5 lights.  All lights have a buzzer that can be activated or not. 
  • RCSL60C - These wireless andon systems have the controls built-in so they can operate other And On lights in the system.
  • RC-M - These remote controls can be added as needed to your RF andon system. They not only control other stack lights but they also extend the range of the whole system by adding to the Mesh Network.
  • RC-B - For applications where the controller can not be powered by a 110V outlet, we offer this battery powered andon remote controller.
  • RC-R - For applications where the range is over 100 feet or there are obstacles in the line of sight of the transmitters and receivers, the RC-R repeaters can be added to increase the range. 

Remote Controlled And ON systemRemote Controlled Stack Lights offers a large selection of stack lights, andon systems, and industrial lighting. We are also always happy to help design a system that is built custom for your project. Call us and let us help.

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