Square Pilot Lights

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Square LED Pilot Lights

Stack-Light.com is proud to introduce the IL-SQ series of Pilot lights. These led indicators are ideal when used as visual signals on industrial control panels. The lights are powered by 24V and are lit with a state of the art LED. This makes these control panel lights long lasting and durable. 

LED square indicator lights

The square pilot lights come in five colors. The colors are Red, Green, Amber, White, and Blue. The lights are made to fit into a standard 22mm panel mount hole and each pilot light includes a nut for installation. Wiring is made easy with built-in screw terminals built-into the bottom of the pilot lights housing. 

Stack-Light.com is committed to being your supplier of choice for Andon lights, control panel lights, and industrial work lighting. Let us assist you with your next project. Call Now!!!


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