MC50 Multi-color LED status light

MC50 - LED Tower Light

Introducing MC50 Tower Lights is proud to introduce the MC50 LED Tower Light. 

This single level light is capable of turning Red, Green or Yellow. The MC50 comes with a built-in 85dB audible alarm and bright LED. These are ideal for use on automated equipment and CNC machinery. The sleek attractive design makes the MC50 a good choice for use as a status light on production lines and even office call centers.

The MC50 is designed with state of the art LED technology. This makes the status light energy efficient and long-lasting. The bright multi-colored light can be viewed at long distances to alert workers to a problem or that everything is running fine. 

Our goal at is to make it easy for you to specify the perfect LED tower light to fit your application. The MC50 can be ordered with a standard pedestal mount or an optional swivel mount. Both 24V tower lights and 110V-220V tower light versions are available. You can also specify how the light functions, when in the red warning state. It can flash or stay steady. This is all customizable to help you pick a LED tower light that best fits your needs. 


  • Configurable to fit your project
  • Viewed easily at a distance - Bright LED
  • Multi-color indicator light can turn Red, Green or Yellow
  • Built-in Warning Buzzer
  • Long Lasting LED light
  • Rugged Construction
  • Energy Efficient Consumption
  • 24 V tower light or 110V-220V tower light versions available
  • Pedestal mount and Swivel mount versions available
  • 12”-13.5” tall x 2" diameter status light
  • Easy to Install
  • 1-year warranty
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