Work Lights SL-200-H Linear Workstation Light

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SL-200-H Linear Workstation Light

  • $139.00

LED Workstation Bar Light

 Workstation Linear Lamp

The SL-200-H light is ideal for assembly workstation and Inspection station lighting. It uses super bright Leds that are energy efficient and long-lasting.  The flexible arm lets you position the light precisely where you need it most.  These lights are sleek and modern.

These lights come with a six-foot 3-pronged cable. They can easily be attached to a desk or workstation.


L1 = 275mm, L2 =460mm

Work Station Light Dimensions

IP54 rated

Color 6000-6500

6-foot – 3-pronged cable

Operating temp -25-55 degrees C

Life expectancy 50,000 hours

Light Beam Angle 60 degrees

Light Source LED

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