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Indicator Light - Multi Color - ILMC

Indicator Light - Multi Color - ILMC

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3 Color Indicator Light

The ILMC series lights are capable of turning three colors.  They can turn Red, Green, or Amber. They are white when they are turned off. This makes it possible to use a single light to indicate three different status conditions. These come in 30mm and 50mm versions. The lights are cylindrical in shape.

multi color indicator light 50mm

The ILMC indicator lights are rated IP69K. This means they can withstand this makes them ideal for industries where sanitation is a primary concern, such as food processing and pharmaceutical applications. They also work well for applications where space is limited. Only one light is needed to show colors conserving space.


3 color indicator light with cable

Each Light comes with a bracket for easy mounting and a 12mm micro cable for easy connectivity.  The indicator lights can also be panel mounted in a 22mm or 30mm hole. 

Multicolor Indicator Specifications ILMC Specifications


Rating - IP69K

24V DC

Colors Red, Green, Yellow

Connector M12 , .5M long

Operating Temperature  -25C - +55C

Estimated Life 50,000 Hours

Beam Angle 360 degrees. specializes in status lights and industrial lighting. We are here to help with your application. Feel free to call with any questions or lighting advice.

3 color lights in stock


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