USB Stack Lights

USB Stack Lights

USB Controlled Status Light is proud to introduce the SL60USB USB Andon Light. This light can be controlled by a computer through a USB port. These are ideal for cash register lights, Kiosk lights and many other applications. 

The lights can be ordered from 1-3 levels. The lights can be red, green, yellow, blue or white.  They come with a standard pedestal mount but can be ordered with a swiveling mount for vertical mounting. 

The USB Status light can be programmed for your application. Below you will find instructions and a sample program that will operate the light once installed on a computer. 

USB Status Light operating Instructions Programming Instructions

USB Sample Program USB Sample Program is committed to serving industry by bringing new products to market. We carry a large variety of stack-lights, Andon Stations and Machinery Lighting. Call us and let us help with your application. USB Lights 


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