WL73 - Small Strobe Light - Stack-Light.com
WL73 - Small Strobe Light - Stack-Light.com
WL73 - Small Strobe Light - Stack-Light.com
WL73 - Small Strobe Light - Stack-Light.com
WL73 - Small Strobe Light - Stack-Light.com

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Small Strobe Light

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WL73 LED Stobe light Drawing

small strobe light

Small LED Strobe Light

The WL73 small LED strobe light is designed to work in a variety of applications. It can be used as a warning light or status light on industrial machinery or as a beacon light to alert production workers to take action on an assembly line. It can even be used in an office environment to alert workers.


The strobe light is lit by 15 bright LEDs. The LEDs flash 140 times a minute drawing attention to the light and prompting workers to take action. The light can be ordered in four different colors. The colors are red, green, amber and blue. Typical reasons for picking the different colors are listed below.


Green – The green strobe light might be used to indicate a process or machine is starting

Yellow – The yellow strobe light might be used if there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Red – The red strobe light is often used as a warning light or as a call for assistance.

 The WL73 light’s smaller size makes it ideal for office environments or smaller machinery. It measures 73mm (2.9”) in diameter and is 44mm (1.75”) tall. The light is made primarily from plastic and is best suited for light-duty application.  The strobe light can be surface mounted using two M3x.5 screws. It also comes with a mounting base that can be used in applications where the light might be removed from time to time. The light is powered by 12-24 volts. The wire that exits the strobe light is 12 inches long.

The WL73 is an economical solution for many strobe light applications. Its small size makes it perfect for applications with limited space.

 Beacon Light Specifications

Rated Voltage:              12V-24V

Working Current:            30mA

Working Temperature:   -20 to 60 degrees C

Flash Frequency:          140 flashes / min

Product weight:             55g

Dimensions:                  73mm Diameter x 44mm tall

Mounting:                     2 – M3x.5 screws

Light source:                 15 LEDs

Warranty                      1 year  
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