Yes / Yes Wireless Tower Light Kit - RCSLMC50-KM Wireless Tower Light Kit with Remote

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Wireless Tower Light Kit - RCSLMC50-KM

  • $785.00

Remote Controlled Tower Light Kit

This wireless Andon light is perfect for applications where you need a status light to be controlled from a remote location. The Tower light remote control uses a powerful RF signal that can trigger the signal light from over 150 feet away. These wireless Andon systems are very flexible. Additional tower lights and controllers can easily be added as needed. The signal light used in this kit can turn red, green and amber. 

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These Systems are built to order to your specification. The red signal light can flash on or not. There is also an option to have a buzzer sound when the light is red. You can customize these wireless Andon systems to fit your application by choosing options and adding tower lights and remote controls as needed. 

The RCSLMC50-KM Andlon kit includes an RCSLMC50 wireless tower light and an RC-M-3 remote control. When this tower light system is ordered as a Kit it will come programmed and assembled from our facility making it plug and play.

The tower light included in this kit can be triggered by the RC-M and RC-L remote controls. These are easy to add to an existing system. Programming instructions posted below. We are also happy to walk you through the programming steps on the phone. 

The RC-L-3 Tower light remote control uses a powerful long reaching RF transmitter. The transmitter is housed in a durable plastic enclosure. The remote uses colored push buttons that correspond to the color of the signal light that they trigger. The push buttons briefly light up when pushed to confirm that the tower light was activated. 

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The RC-M remote Andon transmitter will also work with this kit. This options remote transmitter is housed in a rugged metal enclosure. The control enclosure has flanges with four holes. This makes this option easy to mount to a flat surface with 4 screws. 

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Additional Tower lights can be ordered with your kit or added later. This makes it possible to locate extra tower lights as needed throughout your facility. These tower lights contain an RF receiver that is easy to program to the remote transmitters. You can even have multiple wireless Andon systems installed throughout your facility without any issue with crosstalk. This makes these systems very flexible and highly configurable. 

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programming instructions for Andon remote Programming instructions for Andon Remote is committed to bringing new and innovative Andon devices and work lighting to our customers. We carry a large selection of signal devices and work lights. We are also available to build a lighting solution that is custom for your application. Call us and let us help.


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