Signal Tower Andon Station SBMC50RP

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Signal Tower Andon Station SBMC50RP

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Signal Tower Station

with Push Button Controls Station

The SBMC50RP Signal tower is a stand-alone status light station with lighted push button controls. This signal device is ideal for applications where the tower light and controls need to be located a distance apart. The push buttons activate their corresponding colored status light. The buttons lighting up is a unique feature that gives the operator a second place to see the status of a machine or process. This is especially helpful when the control box and signal tower lights are located out of the line of sight from each other. 

signal tower light with illuminated push button controls


The signal tower lights are equipped with advanced LEDs that can turn red, green or yellow. These Status stations can be specified with a buzzer to sound when the light is red. The red status light can also be ordered to flash or stay steady. 

The standard cord between the control station and Signal tower light is 6 feet. The length of this cable can be specified to be longer or shorter when you order your Signal tower light.

These units are easy to install. The control box can be mounted to a flat surface with 4 screws and the tower light has a bracket attached to its junction box that requires two screws. The tower light comes pre-assembled and is powered by a standard 110V outlet. The power cord is 7 feet long.  

For applications where the Signal tower light and the controls need to be located together, we offer the SBMC50 Signal tower station. This status light is built with the control box and the tower light as one unit. 

Andon Signal tower light station without PLC

Signal Tower Station with built-in controls

This simpler design is often the perfect solution for applications where the tower light needs to be located with the controls. Both of these options make it easy to install a staus light and audible alarm without using a PLC or other wired in controls. 

For applications where the Andon Light and controls need to be located more than 20 feet away, we offer a line of wireless Status light systems. The remote controls used in these systems can trigger the Signal tower lights from over 150 feet in most conditions. 

Wireless Signal tower lights with remote control

Wireless Andon Station

The wireless signal tower lights are very flexible. Multiple lights and controllers and even multiple systems can be placed throughout your facility. The ability to control the Signal lights wirelessly makes it easy to install these without running cables are using programmable controls. is committed to bringing you new and innovative status devices and industrial lighting. We carry a large variety of stack lights, tower light, and Andon systems. We are also happy to design a custom Andon system that is perfect for your project. Call and let us help with your selection.


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