3 light Andon system with remote switches
3 light Andon system with switches
1 light andon station with remote mounted switches
andon station with 5 lights
3 light Andon station with switches
4 light Andon Station with remote located switches
Andon device with lights and switches
andon station with 2 lights

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Andon Light System

  • $329.00

Remote Andon Light System

The SBSLR remote Tower Light is the ideal signaling device for applications where the status light needs to be located in a different spot than the signal switch. The cable that connects the switch box and status lights can be specified to be custom for your application. They can be ordered to have an audible alarm come on when the red light is on and the red light can flash or stay steady. These signal stations come pre-assembled and ready to use. Just plug into a 110V outlet and you are up and running. 
The cable between the lights and switches comes standard at 6 ft long. Call to request custom lengths.
The Andon stations use the employ advanced LED technology to assure that the status lights are bright and easily viewed from a long distance. The LEDs have an estimated life of 50,000 hours and use very little power. The SBSL60R units can be ordered with 1, 2, 3,4 or 5 levels of signal lights.  Each light has an independent switch to turn it on and off. More than one colored LED can be turned on at a time.
For projects that do not need the remote switch box feature, you can select the SBSL60 as shown on the right.
andon stations with remote cable and with built in control box
The SBSL60 Andon station has all of the capabilities of the SBSL60R at a lower cost. Its simple design makes this possible.

Remote Andon Stations Available

Typical Andon color uses. 
  • Green - Everything is running smoothly.
  • Yellow - Action should be taken to avoid a production disruption.
  • Red - Work has stopped or a machine is down
  • White - production or shift change is taking place
  • Blue - a quality problem has been detected.

SBSL60 Signal Station Specifications

  • 110V Power cord 9 ft long
  • Signal Cord between Signal lights and switches 6 ft long
  • High intensity LED signal light can be viewed easily at a distance
  • White, Blue, Green, Orange, and Red Signal Lights
  • Built-in Audible Alarm 85 dB
  • Long Lasting LED light
  • Durable Construction
  • Low Power Consumption
  • 60 mm diameter indicator light x 11” - 18.5” tall
  • Easy Installation
  • 1-year warranty

We at Stack-Light.com welcome the chance to work with you on your project. If you do not see the signal device that fits your needs here, give us a call. We can often come up with a custom status device that is perfect for your application. 

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