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Wireless Andon Kit - RCSLMC-KL

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Andon Station with Remote

The Multi-Colored Tower lights can turn red, green or yellow. They are unique in that they can be triggered through an RF signal. This makes these tower lights easy to install throughout your factory or warehouse. Just plug in the tower lights and locate the remote within 150 ft of the light and you are up and running.

remote controlled tower light station with RF capabilities

RCSLMC50 Wireless Tower Lights

These wireless tower lights can be ordered in a variety of combinations. One controller can operate multiple lights and additional controllers can be added to control each tower light. It is possible to have multiple tower light stations located throughout a facility all programmed to work independently. The RF components are built to hold millions of unique codes so cross talk between Andon stations will not be an issue.

In most cases, remote controls and tower lights are ordered together as a Kit. We will program these to work with each other at our facility to make these tower light stations plug and play. The standard RCSLMC50-KL Wireless Andon station comes with one RC-L controller and one tower light. However, up to twenty remote controllers can be programmed to each wireless Andon system. 

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Andon Wireless Remote Control

Andon Remote Control 

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The RC-M-3 Remote control can also be used with this tower light. The RC-M remote uses the same technology as the RC-L. It has the advantage of being housed in a metal enclosure making it more rugged. 

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The standard wireless system comes with one tower light and one controller. However, it is easy to add more lights to your system. You can trigger up to twenty tower lights with a single transmitter. This gives you flexibility when designing the ideal Andon system for your project.

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Wireless multicolored tower light

Wireless Stack Light RCSLMC50

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It is easy to add a new tower light to your existing Stack-Light wireless system. Programming instructions are located below and you are always welcome to call us for help. We will be glad to assist. 

wireless Andon remote programming instructions Programming instructions for wireless Andon System

 Here at, we strive to deliver new and innovative industrial lighting and Andon products.  We are here to help you select the right signal device for your project or can design a custom Andon system specifically for you. Call Now. 


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