Multi color manual stack light
Andon Station with remote control
Multi Color Andon Station Andon station Andon Light Station - SBMC50R

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Andon Light Station - SBMC50R

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Andon Light System 

The SBMC50R remote Andon Light station is ideal for applications where the lights need to be positioned at a distance from the signal switch. There is a cable that connects the switch control box and the Andon status lights. The standard cable length is 6 feet but can be made custom for your project. 

These Andon lights have a built-in buzzer that can be activated when the light is red. The red light can flash or stay steady. These Andon units come pre-assembled and ready for use.  Installation is easy and the lights are powered by a standard 110V outlet. The power cord is 7 feet long.

For simpler applications where the Andon Lights and the control switches can be located together, the SBSL60 or SBMC50 Andon Stations can be an option. These control switches and status lights are attached in these designs. 

Andon Station - SBMC50 

Multi-Level Andon System SBSL60

The SBSL60 is a more traditional Andon station. It can be configured with one to five lights. The extra two lights are colored Blue and White. These colors can be used to inform workers of predefined events. 

5 level andon tower light with alarm

This type of Andon light is often referred to as a Stack Light. This is the colors are stacked on top of each other in levels and more than one light can be active at a time.

The Andon lights at are designed to be configured to match your project. This is made easy by using our interactive website. If you do not find the Andon light that you need we can often build something custom for your specific application. We love to help. Call Now!!!


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