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22mm indicator light blue Indicator Light Green / 22mm / 3V Round Indicator Light - Solder Terminal Indicator Light Round Indicator Light - Solder Terminal Indicator Light Blue / 22mm / 3V Round Indicator Light - Solder Terminal

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Round Indicator Light - Solder Terminal

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Control Panel Light - LED

Indicator Lights LED


The IL-PL LEDs are the most traditional choice for control panel indicator lights. The spherical bulb protrudes slightly from the metal housing which makes these LEDs easy to view from the side as well as directly. These lights can be ordered in a variety of styles. They come in four different diameters and five different colors. There are also different head shapes to select from. These options make it easy to pick the perfect indicator light for your project

The ST version has solder lugs for projects where you need to attach your own wires.  We also offer a version that comes with wires attached. Each LED comes with a corresponding lock washer and nut.

These panel-mounted LEDs can be selected with a spherical head, flat head, or a shielded Led head. 


Flat LED Indicator lights

The flat LED model is attractive and gives a control cabinet a modern look. 

Flush mount indicator lights

 Shield Indicator LED lights

For rougher environments, the Shielded head LED might be the best choice. These LEDs have a metal shield that surrounds and protects the bulb. This makes this version the most durable option.

Panel Mount LEDIL-PL Indicator LED Specs

LED Specifications Panel Mount provides a wide range of panel-mounted lights. We specialize in lighting for industrial applications. This includes Andon lights, task Lighting, and stack-lights. We are always happy to help you select the perfect light for your project. 


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