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Multi Colored - LED Stack Light SLMD

  • $78.50


Machine Status Light

The SLMD is attractive Machine status light. The LED light is housed in a robust Aluminum housing. The light can turn red, yellow, or green. The light is white when it is off.  multi colored stack light metal

This SLM equipped with bright LED Lights. These LEDs conserve power and are long-lasting. This status light can be viewed from a distance and is visible 360 degrees. It includes an 85db buzzer. 

The aluminum housing has a built-in swivel to aid in mounting. This makes it easy to mount the SLMD horizontally or vertically. 

machine status light multi color led

There are many applications for this light. It is commonly used on CNC machinery SMT equipment and automated machinery of all kinds.

The SLM can be ordered to flash when the light is red or the red light can stay steady. Most lights ship within 24 hours.

  • Red, Yellow, and Green lights
  • Bright LED signal light 
  • Built-in Buzzer 85 dB
  • Energy Efficient LED lights
  • Aluminum base and frame
  • 50 mm diameter x 13.7” tall.
  • 24V DC, PNP/NPN compatible
  • Life of LED 50,000 Hours
  • Rated IP50
  • 12W
  • 1200LM
  • Comes pre-assembled.
  • Easy Installation

led tower light with built in buzzer and aluminum housing SLMD tower Light Specifications

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