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Machine On / Off Switch with Light - MB-SL60

Machine On / Off Switch with Light - MB-SL60

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Power Switch with Status Light

The MB-SL60 Switch / Status Light is comprised of a switch for turning equipment on and a Stack Light light that indicates the equipment's status. This Status Light makes it easy for maintenance and managers to see which equipment is active.

ON / OFF switch with Status Light

 Machine Status Light with Switch

How to use :  

1. Plug the MB-SL60 Signal light into a standard 110V outlet.

2. Plug another device into the 110V female outlet on the rear of the Signal light

How it Works:

When the light switch is in the on position, power is provided to the outlet and the light turns green. 

When the switch is in the off position, power is removed from the lights outlet and the light turns from green to red.

The Status light switch attaches to a table or horizontal surface with a clamp screw. Other attachment options are available upon request.

* The MBSL60 is not to be used as an e-stop. It is only to be used on equipment that poses no hazard. 

The MB-SL60 Staus Light Switch is one of the many unique lighting solutions that provides. We are here to help with your unique status light application. Call us and let us assist with your signal light project. 

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