Andon station Yes / Yes LED Andon Station - Lighted Push Buttons SBSLMC50P

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Andon Station - Lighted Push Buttons SBSLMC50P

  • $198.50

Stack Light Station with Push Buttons

This pre-wired Andon Station is stand alone and plug and play. The tower lights are capable of turning red, green or amber. These units use state of the art LED technology to make the tower lights both bright and long-lasting.stand alone Andon station with lighted push buttons.

Push Button Andon Station

This Andon Station has a unique feature. The lights are activated by push buttons instead of the normal rotary switches. The push buttons color corresponds to the stack lights color above. When you push a button the stack light will turn on the corresponding color and the button will light up. The light on the button and stack light will remain on until the button is pushed again.

The push button option has one unique advantage over the standard rotary switch controller. The buttons light up and mimic the stack light above. This makes the controller itself act as a signal device and provides an extra opportunity for users to be informed of your facility or machinery's operational status. 

These Andon Stations have can be specified to buzz when the signal light is red. There is also an option to keep have the red light blink or not. These Andon stations are plug and play they come with a 7-foot cable that plugs into a standard 110V outlet. This makes these Andon stations easy to throughout your facility. 

These Stations can also be ordered with the standard rotary switches. This is a slightly more economical model that functions the same except the absence of the lighted buttons. 

light signal station with buzzer

Tower Light stations with rotary switches SBSLMC50 is committed to bringing you new and innovative signal device products. These Andon Stations with lighted buttons provide one more option to help you choose the perfect Signal light station for your project. Let us help with your project. Cal Now.

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