Multicolor LED Signal Light with Buzzer

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ILTCB - Multicolor Indicator with Buzzer

  • $59.25

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Multicolored LED with Buzzer

The ILTB Light has is a multi-colored LED light that is capable of turning red, green, or yellow. They come with a built-in buzzer. The buzzer can alarm individually or be tied to any of the light colors. 


Muti color Indicator Light with alarm


Typical applications:

  • Robot status lights

  • Automated assembly stations

  • Warning lights

  • Industrial Signal Lights

  • And on Lights

  • Machine Signal Light 


Aluminum Housing


Wiring NPN & PNP

Certification CE

Working Temp -4F to 110 F


ILTCB Specifications ILTC Wiring Diagram and Specifications



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