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red flush LED
12V Flat LED
RED Flat Indicator LED
22mm Panel Mount LED red
Yellow LED flush panel mount
LED 24V Flush Panel Mount
LED Yellow Panel Mount
22mm Panel Mount LED Amber
Green Panel Mount LED Flat
LED Indicator Light with Green
Green Flush Mounted LED
22mm Panel Mounted LED Green
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24V LED indicator light
3V Blue LED
LED Blue flat control panel
Blue control panel LED
Blue 22mm LED
LED 22mm Panel Mount

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Flat Indicator LED- Solder Terminal

  • $6.01

Panel Mounted Light - Flat

Flat Panel Mount LED


These IL-PL LEDs are bright attractive and durable. The LED sits flush with its housing making this LED the ideal choice for modern-looking instrumentation panels.  These indication lights come in several sizes and colors and voltages. 

These have solder terminals if you need to attach your own wires. also sells a version that comes with the wires attached. 

These are made to easily fit into a drilled hole for panel mounting application. Every Indicator lamp is shipped with a matching nut and lock washer. 


Raised bulb Indicator lights

The round LED on these lights is raised slightly above the housing. This makes them viewable from an angle and at a greater distance.Round Panel Mount LED

 Shield Indicator lights

For rougher environments that call for more robust indicator light, the Shielded  LED can be a perfect choice. These Indicator lights have a metal shield that protects the bulb. This extra protection makes this version extremely durable. 

Panel Mount LED

Specifications for Indicator Lights

Panel Mount Light Specifications specializes in industrial lighting including wireless Andon lights, Task Lights, and LED indicator lights. We welcome any opportunity to discuss your lighting application.  

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