stack light with wireless remote control Andon station 1 / Yes / Yes Wireless Andon Light Kit - RCSL60M Andon station 1 / Yes / Yes Wireless Andon Light Kit - RCSL60M
wireless andon station
Wireless Andon Light with remote base Wireless Andon Lights 1 / Yes / Yes Wireless Andon Light Kit - RCSL60-KM Wireless Andon Lights 4 / Yes / Yes Wireless Andon Light Kit - RCSL60-KM

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Wireless Andon Light Kit - RCSL60-KM

  • $765.00

Remote Controlled Tower Lights

The RCSL60M-KM is a wireless Tower Light kit that includes one wireless RC-M remote and one wireless Andon station. Other lights and controllers can be added to the system as needed. The remote control can trigger tower light from over 150 feet away in most conditions. 

Andon system with wireless remote control

The remote control uses colored momentary push buttons to trigger the tower light that corresponds to the buttons color. The push buttons light up momentarily to confirm that the light has been triggered. 

These stack light controls are housed in robust IP67/IP68  aluminum enclosures. The housings have built-in flanges to make it easy to install the remotes and wireless Andon units. These Signal light systems are both easy to install and flexible to use throughout your facility.


Wireless Andon system with multiple remotes 

remote controlled Andon tower light with wireless capabilities

Each Kit ships with one wireless RC-M controller included. Additional Andon Controllers can be added to your system at the time you place your order. If They are ordered along with your system the controllers will be programmed at our facility to make them truly plug and play. If the controllers are ordered at a later date, it is simple to program them at your location using the directions below or we will be happy to walk you through the process on the phone.

The wireless Andon controllers come in several version. The more robust RC-M versions are housed in a metal enclosure to be rugged and easy to install. The RC-M remotes can control wireless tower lights from one to five levels. remote controls for wireless Andon and tower light systems

RC-M Remote Controls

remote control for wireless andon units and tower lights


The RC-L wireless Andon remote control units are housed in a durable plastic enclosure. These remotes can control from three to five tower lights.  They use the same lighted momentary push buttons as the RC-M remotes. The RC-L units are smaller and more affordable than the RC-M light controls. This gives you more options when configuring your system. 

push button Andon remote control with RF wireless capabilities

RC-L Remote Controls

order wireless stack light and tower light remotes here

 Additional wireless Status Lights are easy to add to your system. If you order the wireless tower lights and your kit together, they will be programmed to work together at our facility. If you order additional wireless tower lights later, we will assist in programming over the phone or you can use the simple programming instructions posted below. 

Andon station with remote control

RCSL60 Wireless tower lights

wireless tower lights with RF remote controls


How to program wireless Andon or tower light controller Wireless Andon System Program Instructions strives to bring you innovative Signal devices and industrial work lights. The RCSL series of Wireless Andon stations provides another option for you to use on your Lean manufacturing and Status Light projects. We are always happy to help guide you through the selection process to assure that you get the perfect solution for your application. Let us help. Call Now.

How to select a wireless Andon system




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