Andon Lights with Push Button Controls - SBSL60P
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Andon Lights with Push Button Controls - SBSL60P

  • $173.00

Stack Light Station with

Push Button Switches

The SBSL60P line of Andon Systems is ideal for applications where you need a signal light that is stand alone. These units do not require a PLC or other control system. They are plug and play with built-in lighted pushbutton switches.

plug and play signal light does not need PLC



These Lighted push buttons offer an advantage over standard rotary switches. The buttons light up to match the corresponding active status light. This provides an extra opportunity for users to notice the signal light and it also is a confirmation that the stack light above is on. 

These lights come pre-assembled and ready to use. They have a 7-foot power cord that plugs into a standard 110V receptacle. This makes this Tower Light unit easy to use throughout your facility. is committed to offering innovative signal devices and industrial lighting to our valued customers. Adding the lighted push buttons to this tower light system gives you one more option. We are always happy to help in the selection of the perfect system for your project. We can also build a custom lighted signal device system just for you. Call now and let us help.


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