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SPSB Small Beam Work Light -
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Small Beam Work Light
focused beam led work light

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Focused Beam Needle Light - SPSB

  • $85.00

Flexible LED Task Light

The SPSB LED work light is a great option for jobs that need a focused light that can be pointed precisely. These lights have a smaller more intense light beam than most LED lights. This makes them ideal inspection lights and small part assembly lights. The adjustable neck can be bent to focus the light beam exactly where it is needed.
These are 24V lights and will need to be wired to a 24V power source. There LED housing on all versions of the light is identical. There are several options for mounting. There are several options for mounting these task lights. 
Small Beam work lights

SPSB-BM Magnetic Work Light

The BM option has a magnetic base that makes it possible to move the light from location to location. Since this is a 24V light it will need to be wired to a 24V power source. This means that the light would likely only be moved short distances. The light can also be screwed into place and this is the more common way to use the light. The base is aluminum and a more robust and attractive mount than the mount on the NM version. 
Magnetic Base LED Light
These lights work very well for lab lighting or machine shop lighting or inspection station lighting. 

SPSB-NM Fixed Base LED Work Light

The  NM version of this work light has a plastic base. It can be easily attached to a machine or workstation and left in place. The base can be attached with four screws. 
Fixed Base Led workstation light
The NM is an often used on workbenches for inspection lighting or as assembly station lighting. The focused light is ideal to aid in small part assembly.

SPSB-SB Flexible LED Work Light

The SB Version of this light does not have a base. Instead, it has an M10x1 threaded stud at the end.  The light comes with the matching M10 nut. This makes this work light deal for mounting on panels or permanently mounted to equipment.
small beam work light
Since this SB work light does not have a base, it is a more affordable light. These are used as industrial equipment lighting or in labs as workstation lighting. 
focused led task light specifications SPS3 focused beam task light specifications
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