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Multi-Color Andon with alarm - MC60

  • $126.00

Specification Sheet

LED Andon Multi-Color 

MC60 – Andon Light

The MC60 is a simple, durable, and cost-effective industrial indicator light to provide operator guidance. 

Each unit is equipped with an 85dB buzzer and highly visible LED light that is capable of turning Red, Green, or Yellow. The MC60 stack light is designed to mount upright with the screws hidden. This gives it a sleek modern look. The Indicator lights are made with long-lasting LEDs that consume very little power. They can be viewed at long distances to inform operators of machine status or instruct operators to perform a predefined task. 

24V LED Andon with audible alarm’s goal is to make it simple for you to configure the perfect signal device to fit your application. Both 24V and 110V-220V versions are available. You can even specify if the light flashes or not when the light is in the Red alarm condition. 

  • Configurable for your application
  • High visibility signal light can be viewed easily at a distance
  • Multi-color indicator light can turn Red, Green, or Yellow
  • Sleek modern styling
  • Built-in Alarm Buzzer
  • Long-Lasting LED light
  • Durable Construction
  • Low Power Consumption
  • 24 V or 110V-220V versions are available
  • 60 mm diameter indicator light x 11” tall
  • IP53 Rated
  • Easy Installation
  • 1-year warranty
  • Andon Lights color typical meaning

120V Industrial Andon with alarm MC60 Specification Sheet


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