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Stack Lights - SL60

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 Stack Light - Multi Level

The SL60 is a bright, long-lasting and cost-effective industrial And on lights. These are ideal for use in factories or on industrial machinery. Typical uses are as Automated machinery status lights, operator signal lights, or as lean tower lights.

24V Tower Light assortment

Each stack light is equipped with an 85dB buzzer and highly visible LED status lights. These Andon lights use the latest LED technology and consume very little power. They can be viewed at long distances to inform operators of machine status or instruct operators to perform a predefined task.

Stack-Light.com’s goal is to make it simple for you to configure the perfect stack light to fit your application. The SL60 can be configured from a single level high up to five levels high. The colors are White, Blue, Green, Orange, and Red. You can specify if the red light flashes or and if the buzzer is activated in the red warning light state. The SL60 stack light can be ordered as a 24V or 120V versions. 

Each colored light can be set to flash or not using dip switches that are located on the lights  main control board. The buzzer can also be set to pulse or stay steady. We build the lights and set them up to work  as ordered prior to shipping them. But if in the future you want to change a light, it is a simple and easy change to make. See the documentation below to learn how easy it is to reconfigure your light.

Stack Light Configuration Flashing- Non Flashing Light configuration instructions

The standard SL60 multilevel stack light can be ordered with several different mounting options. The pedestal option is a simple mounting solution for attaching the status light to most horizontal surfaces.

Pedestal stack light mount

The pivot mounting option is useful for situations where the stack light needs to be mounted to a vertical surface or if the light needs to be tilted at an angle. These can be specified at the time of ordering or ordered as an accessory to be retrofitted to an existing stack light. 

Swivel Mount for for sl60 stack light

The standard SL60 Stack light comes with a 6.5" pole. To order your SL60 with a longer or shorter pole, call us to place a special order. We have several lengths to choose from and can even make a pole custom for your application. Your existing SL60 can be retrofitted with a different pole if this is desired. We also sell a smaller version of this stack light that is about 6 inches tall. A variety of options are available in the accessory section of stack-light.com

Extended rod led tower light

      SL60 Specifications

  • Configurable for your application
  • High intensity LED signal light can be viewed easily at a distance
  • White, Blue, Green, Orange, and Red Status Lights
  • Built-in Audible Alarm 85 dB
  • Long-Lasting LED light
  • Durable Construction
  • Low Power Consumption
  • 60 mm diameter indicator light x 11” - 18.5” tall
  • Easy Installation
  • IP53 Rated, NEMA 5
  • 1-year warranty

SL60 24V Tower Light documentation SL60 Spec Sheet



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