SPSB Small Beam Work Light

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Focused Beam LED Light

Gooseneck Work light with focused beam

Stack-Light.com is proud to introduce the SPSB 24V LED work light. This light is a great option for jobs that need an intense light that can be pointed precisely. These lights have a smaller more intense beam than most work lights. This makes them ideal small part assembly lights. The adjustable neck can be bent to focus the light beam exactly where it is needed.

These lights can be specified with three base options. 

SPSB-BM Work Light - aluminum /magnetic base

The BM option has an aluminum base that can be attached by screws. It also has a magnetic feature that makes it possible to move it from time to time. 

SPSB-NM Flexible LED Work Light - plastic base

led focused beam light

The  SB version of this work light has a plastic base. It can be easily attached to a piece of equipment or workstation with four screws. 


SPSB-SB Fixed Base LED Work Light

The SB version has an M10x1 threaded stud at the end.  The light comes with the matching M10 nut. This makes this work light deal for mounting on panels or permanently mounted to equipment.


andon system experts

Stack-Light.com carries a wide selection of workshop lighting. Most lights ship the same day they are ordered. Call us with your lighting needs. 

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