Kanban Card Andon

Kanban Card Andon

Status Light for Kanban Cards

The idea to use Kanbarn cards as a part of a inventory control system has been around since the 1940's. While touring a Piggly Wiggly facility, Taiichi Ohno noticed that team members were visually reminded to replenish the shelves. They didn't fill the entire shelves. They added just what was needed.

Taiichi Ohno

Taiichi's observation that the Piggly Wiggly team used visual cues to prompt action led him to invent Kanban cards. Noticing that they did not fully fill the shelves lead him to develop the Just in Time ( JIT) inventory management system.

Taiichi implemented his new ideas at Toyota where he worked as a Industrial Engineer. The Just In Time ( JIT ) inventory control system helped reduce Work in Progress ( WIP ) and excess inventory. The Kanban cards improved efficiency.

The improvements Taichi made to Toyota’s manufacturing process spread to other factories. Currently, Kanban cards play an important role in Lean manufacturing principles and companies use them on production lines worldwide. They reduce lead times, cycle times and contribute to the bottom line.

Taiichi's commitment to continuous improvement is alive and well in people like Dave Lelonek. 

Dave Lelonek - StickyRX

Dave at Sticky RX Refinishing Solutions realized that the cards could be difficult to see and sometimes go unnoticed. He had an idea to add a light that comes on when a card is present.

Dave reached out to Stack-Light.com. His idea inspired the creation of a light that activates when a card is placed in the tray. Always looking for good ideas, the engineers at Stack Light designed a light that is triggered by through beam sensors.

Kanban card Status Light

Kanban Card Status Light

This improved the Kanban System at Dave's facility and became a new product for Stack-Light.com. We are always happy to hear new ideas and can often build a custom light for your unique applcation. If you need help with a custom status Light give us a call.

Thanks to Dave at StckyRX for his commitment to continuous improvement and finding ways to make everything a little better. If the interior of your Ferrari, Maserati, or Lamborghini is sticky and messy, contact Sticky RX. They can can restore your interior and bring the life back to your cherished exotic. 

Follow Dave at his Youtube Channel for more great ideas. 


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