How to Change a Stack Light to Flashing Mode

How to Change a Stack Light to Flashing Mode

Quick Stack Light Configuration

changing a stack light to flashing

At Stack Light we set up your SL60 Andon lights for you before they ship based on how you specify them. But you may decide you would like to change the function at a latter date. We have designed these lights so that these changes are easy.

The SL60 Stack lights are easy  to configure. These lights can be changed from flashing to non flashing with a small dip switch located on on the main control board. Each light has a independent switch that controls if it flashes are remains steady. There is also a switch that controls the buzzer. The buzzer can be turned off with a switch and it can be set to pulse or be a steady audible alarm. 

To make this change to your light, give the bottom light a quarter turn and the light will come off of the black base. Under the Stack light you will find the control board shown in the picture below. The dip switches that are shown can be used to set your lights function. 

Change Stack Light to flashing

Configure your stack light Printable Stack Light Instructions

At we are always here to help with your application. If you need assistance changing your light or have other questions we can help answer, give us a call. We are standing by.


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